We Walk Your Journey With You.

Discover. Decide. Develop.

We Walk Your Journey With You.

Discover. Decide. Develop.


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About Us

Butterfly Effect Assessments

The theory of the butterfly effect says that the flap of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane or tornado on the other side of the world. In our everyday lives, we are continuously faced with important life decisions that can have huge impacts on future outcomes. Decisions such as, what subjects to take in grade 9, which career to pursue after school, changing careers, which applicant to hire, or how to put an effective team together. BEA is a psychometric assessment and talent development company that provides professional advice and coaching to individuals, groups and organisations in making important decisions, executing these decisions and developing themselves to reach their full potential. We use psychological assessments together with other reliable sources of information to assist our clients in understanding themselves, and their environment, so that they are able to make informed and appropriate decisions. 

As a professional psychometric assessment company, we assist individuals and companies with the following:

  • Grade 9 Subject Choice Selection
  • Career Guidance
  • Career Change
  • Career Development
  • Employee-Selection
  • Employee-Development
  • Team Building
  • Company Development Workshops
  • Employment Preparation
  • Curriculum Vitae Compilation

Who Do We Provide Services To?

Butterfly Effect Assessments provides services to individuals and teams from the private and corporate sectors. We have various market segments from high school learners, individuals seeking career change, employees, employers, sport teams, company teams and individuals seeking personal growth and development

Our Mission Statement

Discover. Decide. Develop

Butterfly Effect Assessments' mission is to inspire people and businesses in discovering themselves, empower them to make important decisions, and develop their talent in order to create the future they desire.

Ethics, accuracy and simplicity - We wish to deliver a service that is ethical and fair to all individuals, in an accurate and scientific manner that is easy to understand.

Our Values

Respect - Respecting our clients and each other.

Passion - Being passionate about what we do in the business will improve our standing within the psychometric sphere.

Ethics - Our ethical conduct is the face of our business and should seek to set an example to our clients and prospective employees.

High Quality - What we do is reflected in our reports, solutions and the manner in which we pursue perfection within our business.

Reliable - To count on one another on a daily basis; our employees and managers are one body in respect to growing the business.


Chirmone Diedericks - Career Counselling

Had a great experience with Monique, she will always go the extra mile for her clients.

Christie Lane - Career Development

I really enjoyed the insight I was able to gain and would recommend to everyone. I had a fantastic session with BEA and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Carolien Dreyer - Career Counselling

Helped me discover hidden and forgotten talents. Gave me a new direction and energy. I am motivated again!

Diedri de Jager - Career Counselling

I had an inspiring time with BEA. The sessions were relaxed and professional. Monique makes you feel comfortable to share all the required information with her, and she goes above and beyond to help you during the process.

Megan Power - Career Counselling

I needed help choosing a career path as I am at the end of my journey in Highschool & I went to BEA for advice. They are very informative. I was happy with my results asI did find interest in those careers. The process was stress free & I felt very comfortable in their working space. I would definitely recommend going here, they have great communication skills & booking an appointment was smooth as Monique accommodated to my times. I would definitely recommend BEA!

Anton van Tonder - Team Building

I would like to thank BEA for their professionalism and excellent presentation of their team building workshop. 
The results of this assessment added great value to our team and business. It gave us insight on our strengths and weaknesses as a team that we had never seen before.

With this workshop, we as a team have discovered ourselves within the business and know which areas we need to develop independently. We will definitely use BEA in future.